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Andrew lost 7% BF and gained 10lbs. of lean muscle in 12 weeks!

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Nicole’s diet plans helped her lose 10lbs!

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I’ve never been as lean and strong as I am after 12 weeks at CBBC!

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I lost 3 inches off my waist in 3 months!


Looking for a fun, sustainable and effective way to transform your body?

Want to drop a few dress sizes or lose 10# for the summer?

Do you work better in encouraging groups made up of people who want to see you succeed?

Are you dying to shed excess body fat and build lean muscle?

Would you rather have the instruction and motivation of a certified coach vs. working out by yourself?

Then you need to enroll in CHARLOTTE’S BEST BOOT CAMP….NOW!

CBBC provides an alternative to today’s fitness solutions…
-No more working out by yourself without accountability or directions.
-Workouts that are challenging, yet not too intense. Workouts that are fun, yet rewarding and effective.
-Nutritional seminars and coaching to help you shed body fat and develop a healthier lifestyle.
-Become a fitter, stronger, healthier you within a community of supportive fellow boot-campers.
-Learn how to exercise without any equipment! Anywhere. Anytime.


We offer our boot camp 4 days per week. Each boot camp will last 60 minutes (always arrive a bit early!). The CBBC coaching staff will take you through a dynamic group warm-up before each session and will conduct a cool-down afterwards. Our workouts will constantly be changing, but we will be revisiting exercises on a regular basis to monitor your improvement. You will be coached through all the exercises to ensure proper safety

In traditional boot camp fashion, you will be training outside. Come prepared with a yoga mat or towel and plenty of water. Sunscreen is always suggested!

We will meet at one of 3 locations (308. West Carson, Latta Park in Dilworth, Freedom Park in Dilworth) to keep our workouts varied and always changing!

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for any and all updates, pictures, videos, fitness & nutritional tips & tricks and much more!

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Monday, Wednesday, Thursday 6:00pm
Saturday 10am

$320 for Unlimited 12 week Boot Camp
*paid in full
$120/mo Unlimited 12 week Boot Camp
*12 week commitment required

12 Week Bootcamp